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Berta Hummel History

Berta Hummel was a brilliant artist, noted for her simple renderings of Bavarian children. Born in 1909 in Massing, Germany, Berta was creative from her earliest days. The rural village where she grew up sparked her imagination and fostered her artistry. Berta Hummel's joyful images of children inspired Goebel to create The Berta Hummel Gift Collection.

The Berta Hummel Gift Collection is produced under the strict supervision of Goebel. All items are hand-made and hand-painted of fine bisque porcelain. They are manufactured in the Far East which enables Goebel to bring the collection to you at a very affordable price.

The Berta Hummel Gift Collection is a masterful combination of high quality, classic charm, and heart-felt sentiment. And because these treasures are so affordable, it's possible to send "congratulations", "best wishes", or even just a friendly "hello" in an especially memorable way.

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